Decorative Vertical Concrete Courses

Decorative Vertical Concrete Courses

Take Your Vertical Concrete Skills To New Heights

Discover the world of decorative vertical concrete with our expert-led courses. With over 20 years of experience, Vertical Artisans teaches you skills and embeds you into a thriving community of vertical concrete artisans. We’ll help you master designs, client relationships, and project completions that will make you proud of your business.

Learn or Enhance Your Vertical Decorative Concrete Skills

Expand your creative potential and transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary masterpieces! Our comprehensive courses offer everything you need to master the in-demand techniques that will set your business apart.

Training that takes concept to reality

Training that takes concept to reality Courses

Discover the Art of Decorative Concrete:

  • Water Features: Construct cascading waterfalls and serene water walls.

  • Seat Wall Design: Create beautiful and functional seating areas that enhance outdoor spaces.

  • Realistic Stone Facing: Masterfully mimic the look and feel of natural stone.

  • Concrete Countertops: Craft custom countertops that add elegance to any kitchen or bathroom.

  • Carving Techniques: Develop the artistry to sculpt concrete into intricate designs and textures.

  • Functional Hardscape Systems: Build complete outdoor living solutions, from patios to fire pits.

  • Outdoor Kitchens: Design and build complete outdoor cooking and entertaining areas.

  • Vertical Concrete Carving: Shape and texture vertical surfaces with breathtaking detail.

  • Protective Coatings: Learn proper application for lasting beauty and durability.

  • Concrete Stamping Tools: Master using stamps to create unique patterns and textures.

  • Color Washes and Staining Techniques: Achieve stunning color effects and depth.

  • Vertical Concrete Products: Discover the best materials and products for vertical applications.

  • Advanced Vertical Concrete Design: Elevate your designs with advanced techniques and creative concepts.

  • Stamp Overlay Use: Revitalize existing concrete surfaces with decorative overlays and stamping.

  • Overhead and Vertical Surfaces: Confidently tackle challenging vertical and overhead projects.

  • Outdoor Kitchens: Design and build complete outdoor cooking and entertaining areas.

Available Courses on Vertical Artisans

Vertical Artisans Super Course - Full Access

This course offers everything we have made public. When new courses are added to our store Full Access members are enrolled for free. Course Sections Currently Included: * The “Vault” * The Art of Stone Facing by Nathan Giffin * Foam Core Construction – Functional Hardscapes by Nathan Giffin * Hardscape Systems * and many more.

The Art of Stonefacing & Wall Cladding

Embrace the artistry and potential profitability of stone-facing and wall cladding with this comprehensive course. Hardscape Systems can revolutionize your business by providing high-quality products and a streamlined approach.

Foam Core Construction - Functional Hardscapes

Discover the creativity and profitability of foam core construction and Hardscape Systems with this comprehensive course.

Who Should Enroll: Contractors, builders, landscapers as well as anyone interested in expanding their skills and offerings in foam core construction.

Vertical Artisans Presents - Mike Vernelson

Positive carving is the most common method of sculpting rock in todays themed parks. This has made hand carved rock popular with many people who both appreciate the artwork and the beauty of the craft. Vertical Artisans has rated Mike Venelson as one of the top sculptors in his field.

Vertical Artisans Presents - Earl Senkuch

While demonstrating the process of making Living Tree Art at the 2012 World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas, I found out that I really enjoy teaching the art of making realistic looking trees using concrete and steel. Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans stopped by and asked if I would like to come aboard and share my techniques with others through the Vertical Artisans website.

The Ultimate Wine Cellar Series - Coming Soon

The Ultimate Wine Cellar Series follows a couple of very large and expensive wine cellar builds in America. These builds were from private residents and their data and locations are kept private. However, we were able to film these very special projects and record the various stages of development during the build process for the sake of our student base and for educationally purposes.

Curso en Español

Introducción al Revestimiento de Piedra y la Construcción del Núcleo de Espuma. Este curso integral está diseñado para guiarte paso a paso a través del arte y la técnica del revestimiento de piedra y la creación de estructuras con núcleos de espuma.

The Tools, Products & Equipment That We Use

Are you ready to elevate your decorative concrete skills and build a successful business? Join our free course, “The Tools, Products & Equipment That We Use,” and gain insider knowledge on the essential tools and products that industry professionals swear by.

Introduction To The Hardscape System

Transform your backyard or patio with our comprehensive, hands-on course: “Introduction to The Hardscape System.” Dive into the world of hardscaping as we guide you through the entire process of a backyard makeover, from the initial design to the final touches.

Who Can Benefit From Our Courses?

If you are a seasoned contractor seeking to expand your business or are passionate about creative construction, our decorative concrete courses can help. Our online training courses empower a broad range of students, giving them a competitive edge and profitable skills.

  • Contractors: Expand your services, command higher prices, and stand out from your competition with stunning decorative concrete features.
  • Concrete Industry Professionals: Enhance your existing expertise with cutting-edge carving, stamping, and hardscape systems techniques.
  • Concrete Contractors: Take your concrete business to the next level and create unique spaces that clients will love.
  • Professional Artisans: Develop specialized decorative concrete skills and translate your artistic vision into beautiful, lasting works.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: Learn the fundamentals of decorative concrete applications and create custom features for your own home and projects.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Discover the potential of a thriving decorative concrete business and build a foundation for success.

Let us help you tap into the incredible potential of decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Business Tools & Products

We show you how to be successful by showing all aspects of being a Vertical Artisan. Everything from the design process, marketing, client relations, and project completion process. Our courses tech you new skills you will be proud to call your own.

You won’t have to waste your time and money trying to figure out what tools & products you need by trial & error. We’ve done this for you over the past two decades on many projects of all sizes. We have perfected many different styles and application techniques throughout our 20+ years of on-site experience. Learn how to take your client’s experience to the next level as we share many tips & tricks.

Our Decorative Concrete Training Courses

We’ll teach you how to turn ordinary concrete into breathtaking works of art! Our comprehensive Decorative Concrete Carving Courses will help you become an expert in this field. Get ready to enter a new world of creative expression and financial success by adding stunning vertical walls, faux stone siding, customized features, and artistic masterpieces.

  • Full Access Super Course
  • Foam Core Construction – Functional Hardscapes
  • The Art of Stone Facing and Wall Cladding
  • Positive Carving with Mike Vernelson
  • Living Tree Art with Earl Senchuk
  • The Ultimate Wine Cellar Series

Become A Profitable Vertical Decorative Concrete Artisan

Mastering the craft of decorative concrete is only half the battle. To build a successful business, you must confidently sell your unique services, command premium prices, and create win-win scenarios for you and your clients. Our expert-led courses will guide you through the vital sales and business skills you need to sell a luxury concrete project.

  • Understand Perceived Value: Learn to position your work as high-value artistry, justifying your fees while exceeding client expectations.
  • Decipher Client Needs: Develop strategies to understand clients’ desires and communicate solutions effectively.
  • Profitable Project Management: Ensure on-time, on-budget projects that protect your bottom line.
  • Set Clear Boundaries: Create contracts that protect you, define project scope accurately, and minimize misunderstandings.
  • The Art of the Close: Become confident in closing deals, securing deposits, and building a loyal client base.
  • Land Big Clients: Learn how to get those large clients such as theme parks and commercial properties looking for unique and engaging decorative concrete installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Decorative vertical concrete courses are instructional programs that teach individuals how to create stunning vertical concrete installations. These courses cover a variety of techniques and styles, including faux stone siding, textured walls, customized features, and more. They are designed to teach students the necessary skills, tools, and materials to bring their creative visions to life.

Absolutely, YES, we do offer in-person concrete training classes at this time. In addition to all of our courses conveniently accessible online, we are allowing you to learn in a hands-on class as well. You can join our Training HQ by filling out this FORM requesting an invitation.

Yes, absolutely! Mastering vertical decorative concrete skills can be a lucrative business opportunity. With the increasing popularity and demand for unique and custom concrete installations, this field has a growing market for skilled artisans. By offering high-quality, artistic concrete work, you can attract high-paying clients willing to invest in creating stunning vertical walls, faux stone siding, customized features, and more.

Yes, we have something better. We have an entire community of Vertical Artisans waiting to help you. If you’re a concrete contractor looking to expand your skillset, decorative vertical concrete courses can provide you with the needed knowledge and expertise.

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