A Crew of Artists Build a Family Amusement Park in Canada With Special Concrete

Dan Sawatzky's company–Imagination Corporation–creates a land of whimsical wonder with concrete, colors, and creativity. Just completed is the Cultus Lake Adventure Park in B.C, Canada, and it has opened to rave reviews.


Dan Sawatzky of Imagination Corporation in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada has a company mantra: “We simply do not do things like everyone else.” That may sound a bit lofty, maybe overstated, but after a few minutes of taking in the whimsical wonders on his company website, anyone will certainly come to the conclusion that his mantra is wholly understated. Imagination Corporation is in the business of creating wonders, true landmarks, if you will. From signs and small structures to whole amusement parks, their goal is to create 3D environments that will let the imagination run wild.

Their latest completed project is nothing short of earning accolades of wonder. One of the biggest “wonders” is that they do much of their magical creation with concrete–yes concrete, that boring gray stuff walked on by everyone, every day. In this case, this special concrete was a specific mix design from Walttools, a decorative concrete supply manufacturer that specializes in the formulation of carveable concrete mixes. One may say that most construction is made from concrete anyway, so why is this notable? It is not that the construction was done with concrete in as much as in what methods the concrete was used and the manipulative artistry involved.

The Cultus Lake Adventure Park, Cultus Lake British Columbia, Canada was a 10-month project in which the Sawatzky crew used TRU PAC X (a specialty concrete add mix) to perform their artistic transormations. "Our first order(to try the product) was for 150 bags and the first day we put it into use we were converted," wrote Sawatzky. "I placed a second order for 600 bags that same day. It allowed our newer people to apply the concrete like our seasoned veterans, and our veterans to work their pure magic. The ten-month project is now complete and turned out fabulous.” What Sawatzky and his crew can do with this concrete is amazing. It is nothing short of an art medium and this talented crew or artisans can certainly show that off.

Almost every structure to be seen at this family amusement park was covered with carved and colored concrete. His crew gives caricature-like life to inanimate objects with intricate design details throughout the park and will provide a visitor a great view in any direction.

To see the entire story of this extraordinary project from start to finish and more, follow his journal here. It is truly a journey.

Dan Sawatzky is an artist with a career that spans more than forty years of magic. Dan and his crew host Sign Magic and Sculpture Magic Workshops in their studio a number of times each year with attendees coming from around the world. There are still openings for the October session at the time of this writing.


Cultus Lake Adventure Park

…with the addition of the Tru Pac X it makes everything we do much, much easier. Mud goes on thicker and stays where we put it. Carving is the same as with our previous custom mix. Shrinkage and cracking, even in hot temps isn't a prob.
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