Contractor Check List

Many times over the last several years I have done classes or training for folks and there has always been things that have been left out that are critical to the over all  productivity of the job.   These can be small things but they are really important.  So this is a check list that may help you stay focused and prepared.

Contractor Check List

Prior to the project starting

1.) Before starting the project have a signed contract.

2. Make sure the contract details your responsibilities and the clients responsibilities through the duration of the project.  If the responsibilities that you have laid down for the client are not meet then there needs to be a penalty for your wasted time.

3.) Create a sample board to be checked off on, and color sign off.  This keeps both parties on the same page.  If there are changes then there needs to be a change order document stating the changes and or add-on's.

4.) Make sure your schedule and there schedule can accommodate each other nicely.

Starting the project

1.) When you start the project if something is wrong right away , deal with it promptly.

Example:  I started a project one time and I requested a water hose to be present in our area.  It was new construction.  When I got there the project was down stairs (many stairs)  and the water was actually about 800 feet out side on a neighbors house.   I had to stop and call the owner.  I lost three hours waiting for 55 gallon drums to be delivered placed in the basement and then filled with water from 5 gal buckets.

2.) Protect every thing that can be damaged from dust, wet mud, stains and other debris.

3.) Keep the work area clean.

4.) Make sure you have access to all your materials and the house.

Example:    Showing up with locked doors, wife is gone ect. ect.

5.) Make sure the area itself has been prepared. 

Example:   If the client said the piano was going to be moved out for you...and its not out ( his responsibility )  you show up and its still there... you run the risk of having to move it yourself and damaging it.   If you have  a penalty that will be added to the project for the time wasted because of the in action of your client then you can walk and not loose  your shirt. 

A penalty clause or statement can be as easy as ....  If the responsibilities set forth are not completed on the time appointed resulting in the stopping of the work progress a hourly fee can occur  at a rate of $175 / hour.   or what ever your breakdown is.

You will also need to cover this and make your client understand that your time is money and their responsibilities whatever they may be are very important.

Please feel free to add comments on any of these topics as this will be ongoing.


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