Two Days and Two Hours

​Whats started out as a challenge with a local landscaper turned into a wonderful opportunity to make a masterpiece.   The clients want a Mickey Mouse shaped patio environment with accompanying seat walls.   Introduce Hardscape Systems.  This project was started and the final sealer was applied on the third day within 2 hours.

They absolutely love it and it has the rest of the neihbors paying complements and even asking for quotes. 

Plainfield IL, 2015

The System is easy enough.  Lay out your foam to the desired design and then cast your seat wall (cast in place counter top).   After lunch, or 2 - 3 hours later, cut away the supports and spray the structure coat on the rest of the sub straight.   That all takes place a day number one... Day number 2 you are ready for cultured stone, real rock veneer, textured plaster, stamped concrete or in this case hand carved vertical decorative concrete.   Day three, stain and seal.

The Base is ready for the system

​A standard footing for seat walls is fine.   This is 6 - 8 " of concrete on a 10" gravel base.

System ready Cast and Spray structure coat

Level and pour your Tru-Pac Counter top add mixture into a 60# bag of regular or high strength concrete.  Texturize and strip.

Painted Decorative Concrete

​You should put a sign in the front yard cuz people will notice.

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