​It's the Marketing team that gets the consumer to the ticket booth

​It's the Marketing team that gets the consumer to the ticket booth. 

By Jody Smith 

I was asked by Nathan Giffin to share some thoughts on how important internet marketing is with his members of Vertical Artisans. I enjoy talking about the way I have marketed my own businesses over the years and created many brands along the way. In 2007 I had to learn how to create my own image because it was hard to explain to my web designer at the time what I wanted to provide for my potential clients. He could not meet my expectations on how to promote, capture or share my craft with the details that I needed. The internet allows someone to tell a story with words, images or video while capturing their brand or business while allowing them to share it with the world. As your potential consumer browses the web or performs internet searches that results in them coming across your logo, business name or business image hopefully striking up their interest.The primary reason for beginning a Internet Marketing campaign is to increase your products awareness. Radio, television and print ads still hold value in the marketing industry, but in these days of ever growing technology being on the rise, there is more access to the web. In creating a online internet marketing campaign, the campaign allows the business to stay on track with this ever-changing technology. This internet provides instant access to your service or product. Online purchases have been increasing each and every year with the ease of purchasing, access to so much information or simply the ease of becoming educated on a service provided by a business. The internet provides a consumer with instant access to products and information. Internet Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertisement to date. The costs associated with starting a website, and then, using Social Media or marketing articles to establish an online presence is minimal when compared to the costs of many traditional forms of advertising. Going Coastal Web offers many ways of creating a business image that will stand out in from your competitors while keeping your budget in mind. It is important to create solid content over quantity, this will provide you with evergreen content that will last and hold value for many years. I have had the opportunity to be my own boss since the very young age of 18. I knew I could never work for someone else. Once I realized this, it motivated me to save, build, and start my own landscape design company. I remember the very first set of business cards and logos I had a design company create for me. Their designs never met my vision for the company. The fact that I was so busy starting a business and there wasnʼt as many marketing tools played a big part in how I could promote and advertise. In 2007, I began my adventure in Decorative Concrete. As a young boy I was amazed by faux concrete rock at the Pirates of Caribbean in Walt Disney World Florida. I then looked at everything in the theme park in a whole new way, it made sense. I noticed how much detail went into the rock work, the rock formations, the walls, all aspects of the faux finishes all over the park. It simply amazed me! That is a separate story in itself. Then one day I switched the whole way I looked at things as far as marketing goes. No matter how good the theming work is that had been created by all these talented artists all over the world, itʼs the marketing team that gets the consumers to the ticket booth to participate and find the value in whats waiting just beyond the gate. This is achieved now a days by video creation, social media, blogs and a very detailed marketing campaign. Social media is a tool that can reach a lot of potential customers in a very short amount of time. YouTube has the ability to provide a level of exposer that is truly limitless. Social Media also allows you to create a following on many different platforms of interest resulting in sales and growth. You have to have a web presence this day and time to contend with the ever growing competition. In the decorative concrete market itʼs very important to capture your work in a way that leaves the potential client free of complaint. Itʼs not always how much web presence you have itʼs the quality in your content that makes the difference. I look forward to the creative journey Going Coastal Web is headed into specializing in the decorative concrete market. Iʼm hoping to help many along the way while having fun capturing the exact image the artist wants to achieve

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