Spare Room Wine Cellar Project Goes Vertical Concrete --- A Nice Wine Tasting Area

This spare room was approximately 14 x 19 and had very a large ceiling height.   This simply means that the possibilities are endless.    In this case we decided to go with the groin ceiling.    this option enabled us to capture a very nostalgic look and stay true to an old world theme.    Most wine cellars offer great racking systems tiled floors and marble countertops.    in this case we chose to bring back some of the more traditional building materials  such as reclaimed barn lumber plaster and stone.    our 1st step was to install the groin ceiling.    After the walls were framed in the ceiling was in place lighting elements of power were added.    Each location of stone was predetermined by the client.    Color and style are also choices that were determined.    Once the concrete was sculpted on the wall then it was stained and painted for the finish and final effect.    We have to faux finish rocks before we put the plaster down  because after the plaster has been applied the processes are a great deal harder.

 This look has been attempted by many finishers over the decades  it has achieved marginal success.     instead of using joint compound to fabricate the brick or stone we use vertical decorative concrete.    The method that we use also interacts with the plaster to create seamless interaction and unprecedented realism.




 This room has become the most popular room in the home and a real delight for guests.    Each of the methods that were used for the exposed stone concept are taught in the Vertical Artisans Core Curriculum  Course  offered on this website.   




It never ceases to amaze me how impressive these simple concepts when applied to a basic room deliver such a complete transformation that boggles the mind.     Perceived value is value, I always say,  and I'll let you be the judge of that.

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