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​ offers something different to the world of decorative concrete. 

Going Coastal Web is a business that offers all kinds of advertising and creatives. These are all created from the view of a decorative concrete artist.

The owner Jody Smith owns and operates a decorative concrete business called Coastal Rock Productions and works in the field hands-on. In 2007 Smith hired a local company to build his Coastal Rock Website and found it very difficult to express his vision to the designer that had no idea or concept of decorative concrete. After months of explaining and money wasted the designer could not establish the vision Smith had. So he decided to learn everything he could about marketing, video editing and website development.

 Smith has been asked by many of his colleagues to help them in capturing their craft and promoting their businesses. He has done this on a small scale over the past 8 years. He now has the desire to step further into this area of design and help even more of his fellow artists with their marketing and advertising goals. 

Jody has been working first hand with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans throughout the years.  Nathan gives him free artistic freedoms on all the projects he creates and promotes. He has captured many training events and many artists training their craft for Giffins online training site Vertical Artisans.   He continues to work with Giffin and has been also known for creating a few well known logos along the way. 

Smith has created videos, creatives, headers, promotional displays, and much more for Vertical Artisans. His goal is to promote in a way that's makes it easy for the design to be used in many formats saving money and time. 

Smith feels that a huge budget is not needed to achieve the very same goals as a larger budget.

 He plans to provide a service that helps inform the clients of the rewards for their efforts. Whether the data is provided by the client or Smith himself, he can create the layout and the exact vision they want for their image. Smith knows how to create anything from websites to youtube channels and truly enjoys the challenge of keeping up with social media. 

Check out the website at and contact Jody personally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 843.324.3346 to talk about your promotional needs.

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