The Ultimate Wine Cellar Has Begun

The Ultimate Wine Cellar

Finally, after two years of planning and many renditions the client has finally pulled the trigger and put down a deposit.In the same week another more eager client with an even bigger wine cellar pulled the trigger as well.That's two massive wine cellars back to back that will be covered in this new series.I'm totally stoked about all of it.Each cellar has really cool features and exciting spaces to explore.

Yesterday I whet to the Chicago cellar to do the template work.This is where I empty and clean the room and then lay down a white house wrap cut precisely to the perimeter of the room.Then I begin to lay out the design that was agreed upon in meticulous detail according to the plan.This gives the client a very detailed placement of every component, feature, rack, and element that will define the wine cellar. Now there are many things that can take place during this process, mainly upgrades????. When you start to see the final picture, it is easy to meditate on it long and hard and then from there begin to really refine the area.For those of you who have taken my course you will understand the 12% rule.This is one of may favorite things to do.Just start tweaking and making this space so intense that you can barely stand it.

Its funny because the personal secretary of the client who oversees our progress and has followed this process from the very beginning had this to say after walking on the template work when it was finished."This is like an adult playground...It's better than Disneyland"That's not what was entertaining to me.It was the hoping around and literally skipping through each of the areas "living out" each space as I described it and as it began to make sense, the impact on her face was priceless.She went on to say she had seen every rendition I had ever drawn and she kind of understood the lay out, but to literally walk through it with the visuals on the floor laying out the design, it really came to life for her.Then she took like 100 pictures and video.This is the secretary!This individual is included in almost every conversation concerning the process of the entire house remodel and daily goings on.To be that excited over the design really makes me feel like I've done very well and makes me want to step it up even more with the execution of the craft.

"This is like an Adult Playground....It's better than Disneyland."

Over the next several months as these projects go from concept to realty we will capture the data and present you a snap shot of the progress on the blog and FB pages.When all is finished, and the final episodes are completed then we will present a much richer experience for you to enjoy and share with your networks, friends, and family.Our desire is for all of you to share this craft with the world and allow others to enjoy, learn, use the skills acquired by the many artists who have dedicated their lives and careers to learning.


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