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I wanted everyone to know that the Vertical Artisans International Web Site is underway.  This Web site will be another teaching site very much like the first one, however, the VDO's  will not have any voice over and the teaching will be primarily text, diagrams and pictures.  The VDO's will be illustrations of what is taught.

On the face of the site people will be able to click on the flag from which country they are from and the entire site will be converted to their own language.

I feel this site will really serve the artists over seas as much as the artists that speak English.   This site must be completed by the Mid summer as I will be holding classes in France and Italy...and perhaps Argentina as well.

I am very excited to share all of this with you as many of you are from other countries beside the USA.

If any of you have any ideas or upgrades you would like to see, please note them here.

To The Future Artists In Our Craft.

Best Regards,

Nathan Giffin

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