Foam Core Construction

For many years people have used foam substrates to create structures and then have coated them with concrete.   Some have failed and some have been a disaster, however over the last several years, our industry has produced some real inovations in mix design. Todays cementeous mixes have coated foam and actually created structural components with less than an 1/8" inch of material on both sides.  This course is entirely focused on the development of foam and foam coatings to produce fast, structural substrates that are ready for carving in a short amount of time. The premise is that there is no need to embed steel in your concrete to get the support you need.   The primary materails used are various types of concrete, spider lath, fiberglass rebar, and fiber chop in concrete to cover foam to create a substrate that will not fail.   If you do use steel, isolate it for its stregth but keep it out of an akaline environment.

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Over the last sevral years i have been fabricating foam structures and experimenting with various mix designs and products to create a system that is fast, afforable and much lighter than the traditioanl methods.  This course is design so you can share in my experiense and gain more knowledge in this cutting edge method of construction for artificial rock.This course is a work in progress.   Not all things I have accomplished have been proven methods.  I am proving them with the help of several engeneers and manufacturing companies.     The price of this course will increase with time as the data is released.   "Early Birds" will be grandfathered and not have to pay for the upgrades.   This course data is for a year access and resubscriptions are available under the standard Alumni tradition. Bonus Data will include positive carving footage of Mike Vernelson.

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