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Positive carving is the most common method of sculpting rock in todays themed parks.  This has made hand carved rock popular with many people who both appreciate the artwork and the beauty of the craft. Vertical Artisans has rated Mike Venelson as one of the top sculptors in his field.   This subscription gives you access to the many videos he has released on this method.   This subscription doesnt include video on the epoxy methods.  Epoxy is a different disciplen all together.

Courses in this category:

In this series of VDO you will see a interior water feature stared and completed with brief overviews of various parts.   This is not a in depth study but rather a highlight of the most important areas of the project.   This took Mike and I about 3 weeks start to finish and we managed to keep the house rather clean thoughout the process.  Prep is critiacla and this was in intrance way of the home so we had a presence through out the entire area as far as dust and mud. Over all this course will give you great insights to the depth of a project this size.  This course will also give you a great start into the worl of positive carving.  So Watch and Learn with Mike Vernelson.

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  • Intermediate

A subscription to this course grants full access of Mike Vernelsons video data for this course.  This data covers tips, tricks and methods of positive carving as well as some bonus material.

  • 97
  • Intermediate

Fantastic Fractures offers an indepth look at the various methods of fracturing and accenting positive carved rock.  This course was filmed at the Ultimate Wine Cellar project in Sacramento California.

  • 13
  • Advanced

This is an introductory Course using Poly Gem Epoxy.   Mike illustrates a tree and root system coming through the ceiling in an underground house.   All techniques are included in this course.

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  • Beginner

This is the second course in Epoxy molding specializing in the Strangler Fig Tree.  Methods and techniques use are specific to this tree type but can be used in a variety of situations.  

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  • Intermediate

This particular course is illustrated by Mike Vernelson (Crete Inc) and Nathan Giffin break down the painitng process for small to large size rock features.   Materials, tools, and methods are also explained in this video along with all the forumations of colors. Each formulation includes the base coats, secondary coats and any final colors used.    These forumlations are examples and can be used for various looks depending on the clients desire.

  • 27
  • Beginner

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