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ATTENTION:  If you are all ready a member then just click Enroll Now...It will process you automatically and give you access. This is a reference listing for all the Mixes, Colors, Materials and Tools Vertical Artisans use...   NOTE: This may take a while to put together and we will be constantly making changes and upgrades so thank you for your patience.

HardSacape Sytems INC has just introduced a brand new seat wall system that is very easy and fast to fabricate.   This system also allows the contractor to fabricate custom pieces to adapt to just about any design that can be created.   The following course covers the first day with some highlights of the second and final day.   This course does not include the "Carve on the Fly" method that was used to create the stones under the seat wall, the carving of the rocks or the painting.   This course does contian everything you need to know about the system and gets you to a place where you can choose to use cultured stone, real stone veneer, stamped concrete, plaster or hand carved decorative concrete. To learn hand carved decorative concrete and to watch this complete course then subscribe to the CORE 1 & 2 course on this site. All the VDO content has been added to the CORE 2 section as well as over 220 VDOs covering the last 7 years.

Pre Cast Panel Product Description Turning your backyard or patio into a chef's paradise is easier than ever thanks to Walttools’ modular panel system. Building an outdoor kitchen using traditional construction can take weeks and comes with the high cost of labor. However, constructing an outdoor kitchen using this all modular precast panel system can take as little as a day. This could reduce budgets by 50% allowing this outdoor living space to become a reality for many more clients. This patented panel system of lightweight concrete panels allows for many stock configurations as well as the ability to create a full custom design.  This system works in unity with your choice of outdoor appliances and countertop materials, including granite, stone and the the Z Counterform countertop forming system which gives you many options for edge profile looks. The interlocking panels are 32” tall and 4” deep.  They are made using a poly-concrete hybrid design and weigh a fraction of what...

The following library is available to see a lot of the work that has taken place over the last several years in our industry.  The videos span several years of time and are listed by catagory not chronoloigical in some cases.  We hope you enjoy this listing and plese come back as we are updating this list all the time.

The Moon Gate Kit is offered by Vertical Artisans as a quick method of constructing a decorative stone faced archway.   The Moon Gate Kit comes on a skid only weighing around 50 lbs.   This course covers the basic installation and fabrication of the kit. The Kit contains the following: Foam Shapes for the Moon Gate Fiber chop addmixture Foam to Foam Glue Foam to Foam Glue Gun Glue Gun Cleaner Fiberglass Rebar Full and Half size "Dog Bone" key ways   The kit does not include the Hard Coat, Carve Coat or Stains.

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