Herb Nordmeyer

Herb is a leading stucco authority and has been published regularly in trade journals and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) publications. As a result, Herb is in demand as a speaker, educator, on-site consultant to solve construction issues, and as an expert witness. He became a leading stucco consultant through a lifetime of hard work, constant study, and trying to learn from everyone he ever met. The Stucco Book—The Basics leaves no doubt as to why he is recognized as a leading stucco expert.

Courses in this category:

This course will explore the reasons why concrete cracks, and how you can prevent it in order to confidently reassure your customer their project will remain beautiful.   First  Identify the factors that lead to cracking in both fresh and cured concrete. Secondly  Investigate the steps that can be taken to eliminate cracking.

  • 45
  • Beginner

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