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The Art of Stonefacing --- Vertical Artisans Core Curriculum

Invest In Yourself! Our online training courses will provide you with the skills you need to become a Vertical Artisan.Read more
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Foam Core Construction

For many years people have used foam substrates to create structures and then have coated them with concrete.   Some have failed and some have been a disaster, however over the last several years, our industry has produced some real inovations in mix design. Todays cementeous mixes have coated foam and actually created structural components with less than an 1/8" inch of material on both sides.  This course is entirely focused on the development of foam and foam coatings to produce fast, structural substrates that are ready for carving in a short amount of time. The premise is that there is no need to embed steel in your concrete to get the support you need.   The primary materails used are various types of concrete, spider lath, fiberglass rebar, and fiber chop in concrete to cover foam to create a substrate that will not fail.   If you do use steel, isolate it for its stregth but keep it out of an akaline environment.Read more
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Courses with Mike Vernelson

Positive carving is the most common method of sculpting rock in todays themed parks.  This has made hand carved rock popular with many people who both appreciate the artwork and the beauty of the craft. Vertical Artisans has rated Mike Venelson as one of the top sculptors in his field.   This subscription gives you access to the many videos he has released on this method.   This subscription doesnt include video on the epoxy methods.  Epoxy is a different disciplen all together.Read more
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Living Tree Art with Earl Senchuk

While demonstrating the process of making Living Tree Art at the 2012 World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas, I found out that I really enjoy teaching the art of making realistic looking trees using concrete and steel.  Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans stopped by and asked if I would like to come aboard and share my techniques with others through the Vertical Artisans website.  Ever since, with each new tree I create, I learn new tricks to share and hope you will as well with other Vertical Artisans.  Read more
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Herb Nordmeyer

Herb is a leading stucco authority and has been published regularly in trade journals and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) publications. As a result, Herb is in demand as a speaker, educator, on-site consultant to solve construction issues, and as an expert witness. He became a leading stucco consultant through a lifetime of hard work, constant study, and trying to learn from everyone he ever met. The Stucco Book—The Basics leaves no doubt as to why he is recognized as a leading stucco expert.Read more
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Rock Designs

These Designs have been fabricated by landcscape archetichets who have looked at our data and have seen the possiblities in our craft for the public.  This is not a course but rather a sales tool designed for you to download and print off to use as illustrations at the dales table.   We hope these design will get you more work and spark great interrest to the possiblities with your clients.Read more
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Free Video Library & Resources

Please take a look at our extensive free video library comprised of expos, event, classes and projects through the past several years.Read more

Courses From Jody Smith

    Smith has now started creating how to style videos to help others learn the many tricks of the trade in the decorative concrete arena. While also understanding the need to educate his fellow artists on how to promote themselves and their craft to the fullest. So he is creating a solid library of how to videos on just that and will be releasing them soon.Read more

Courses with Bob Harris

  Bob Harris is known worldwide in the Decorative Concrete Industry.  He is president of the Decorative Concrete Institute, an organization in Temple, Georgia, that offers hands-on training and workshops in the latest decorative products and techniques.    Harris’ passion is to share his experiences with seasoned veterans as well as beginners throughout the world. Bob's expertise has taken him many places to share his ideas and educate others in the field of architectural concrete. He presented at the World of Concrete for 15 consecutive years, World of Concrete in Mexico City for four years, was the Master of Ceremonies at the Con/Expo Con/Agg demo in Las Vegas in March of 2002. He also participated in various speaking engagements for the Decorative Concrete Council, has conducted training sessions in Canada, the Caribbean, Germany, England, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, to name a few.   Harris is the author of four guides that have sold...Read more
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