Living Tree Art with Earl Senchuk

While demonstrating the process of making Living Tree Art at the 2012 World of Concrete Trade Show in Las Vegas, I found out that I really enjoy teaching the art of making realistic looking trees using concrete and steel.  Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans stopped by and asked if I would like to come aboard and share my techniques with others through the Vertical Artisans website.  Ever since, with each new tree I create, I learn new tricks to share and hope you will as well with other Vertical Artisans. 

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Trees are big, expensive items to ship which is why I chose to teach Living Tree Art so that others can prosper as well within the distance they are willing to travel to install their works.  Basic artistic skills, a 110 V MIG welder, Oxyacetylene torch kit, and common tools are all that are needed for anyone to enjoy the never ending compliments that come from the currently wide open, untapped market of Living Tree Art.  (This course includes 43 videos and 120 page instruction manual).    Price- $495   To goto the Living Tree Art Forum Click Here   There are also several Photos below that best represent the LTA concept.  To see  all the photos Click Here to visit the Online Photo Gallary of Living Tree Art.    

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Living Tree Art Course for Small to Medium Size Trees  (30 inches on up to 7 feet tall) In nine basic steps, learn how to make realistic looking mature trees in miniature using concrete and steel.  Perfect for restaurants, hotel and hospital lobbies, flower shops, craft shows, landscaping, and more, these smaller versions of Living Tree Art can incorporate living or artificial plants, and even bottles or lights.  This is a good starter course as it utilizes all the same basic principles for making large Living Tree Art, but with lighter duty needs.  (This course includes 18 videos and a 43 page instruction manual).  Price- $295  

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Filmed at the West Coast Training Class #3 in Lorane, Oregon in 2014, this course shows the entire process of making a natural Bonsai tree that appears to be growing out of a rock.  

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