Watch & Learn with Mike Vernelson

Watch & Learn with Mike Vernelson

  • Teacher: Mike Vernelson
  • Released: 02/13/2013 23:08:51
  • Level: Intermediate

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In this series of VDO you will see a interior water feature stared and completed with brief overviews of various parts.   This is not a in depth study but rather a highlight of the most important areas of the project.   This took Mike and I about 3 weeks start to finish and we managed to keep the house rather clean thoughout the process.  Prep is critiacla and this was in intrance way of the home so we had a presence through out the entire area as far as dust and mud.

Over all this course will give you great insights to the depth of a project this size.  This course will also give you a great start into the worl of positive carving.  So Watch and Learn with Mike Vernelson.




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Mike Vernelson

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