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Vertical Artisans...

Is a online subscription site that illustrates the methods, styles and techniques of

hand carved vertical decorative concrete along with many other interresting art forms.

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Additional Courses Offered


By Artists

Living Tree Art Course by Earl Senchuk

Sculpted Concrete Trees with Real Plant Life.

Living Tree Art For Large Trees Course Overview:    A printable 120 page pdf outlines everything you will need to know and provide in terms of tools, steel rod, and cement to make an 8-10 foot tall, fully-automated-for-watering, Living Tree Art tree.  Forty videos outline every step in the process, including tips and tricks. Large Living Tree Art trees are meant to be spectacular displays that can draw attention in a large way to your own style as the artist, and there is so much opportunity for creativity!    Large Living Tree Art trees are meant for public spaces and places where the owner wants to be noticed. This is an intermediate to expert level training course designed for beginning rod benders and welders.  Metal working experience will give you an advantage.   Living Tree Art requires a work space large enough for the size of the tree intended, some physical flexibility, the wherewithal in terms of tools and capability with them, but not much MIG welding experience.


Learn The Carft of Positive Carving With Mike Vernelson

Positive carving is the most common method of sculpting rock in todays themed parks.  This has made hand carved rock popular with many people who both appreciate the artwork and the beauty of the craft. Vertical Artisans has rated Mike Venelson as one of the top sculptors in his field.  




Educate Yourself on why Concrete Cracks and How to Avoid It in this Must See Lesson.


Learn The Art of Stone Facing with Nathan Giffin

This is  Vertical Artisans "Core" course.  This course illustrates the methods, styles and techniques of hand carved vertical decorative concrete.  

Includes: Stone Facing Positive Carving Foam Construction Exposed Stone One Day Walls Old Stone Tables Paining and Staining and many more variations of the above.



Coming Soon!

David Seils 

Sculpted Concrete Relief 



 Mike Vernselson Teaches Epoxy Molding in this Class


 Mike Vernelson Steps up the Knowlegde in this Epoxy Molding Class with a Strangler Fig Tree


 Earl Senchuk and the Wedding Tree


There will be another course added to this course

and the course will changed to Miniture Tree Art





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