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The Art of Stonefacing by Nathan Giffin


The Art of Stone facing by Nathan Giffin

The Art of Stone Facing is the main course of this subscription site. Stone facing or wall cladding are just a few names this craft is called in the decorative concrete industry. It is the application, texturing, and general manipulation of Vertical Decorative Concrete on a wall or vertical surface. This craft is also a common form of artificial rock used in waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, man caves, wine cellars, and just about anything that would require real stone or rock appearances. There are hundreds of videos covering many classes and examples of this craft. The Art of Stone facing taught by Nathan Giffin, the owner and founder of Vertical Artisans. The CONTENTS of this course will show you the content of the course and give you a peek of the vast amount of data compiled over many years of filming, carving, sculpting, methodology, techniques, and stylings of artificial rock fabrication as illustrated by Nathan Giffin. There is no better online source of instruction for this form of decorative concrete and artificial rock fabrication.



Foam Core Construction by Nathan Giffin


Foam Core Construction by Nathan Giffin

Foam Core Construction is an incredible advancement in the world of vertical decorative concrete. Hands Down! It is the freedom of design. Yes, you can design anything with rebar or panels; however, the ease of foam surpassed my desire to work with those other forms of construction. The CONTENTS of this course capture several hands-on training classes on real projects and training. The ability to carve out exactly what I want within minutes vs. hours keeps me excited about the directions I can take and the options my clients can have on a whim. Designing features and upgrading the project at anytime ensures profits and guarantees the satisfaction of the client. How to use Foam Core Construction is at the very core of this course. Sound construction practices must still be enforced on your projects. If you deal with ledges, overhangs, suspended structures, please have an engineer look at your work. Cutting corners not only can hurt you or someone else. Big projects command significant responsibilities, so keep you and your clients safe with your construction practices and also follow local city standards and practices.


Bar & Grill Build - A Lakeside Retreat


Outdoor Grill & Bar Build – A Lakeside Retreat

This course was so fun to build.    This tranquil setting was the perfect back drop for some really exciting vertical decorative concrete and of course foam core construction made it happen in less than 5 days.

This project features the design and full build of an Outdoor Grill Area, Cook Prep Station, Seat Wall with Ice Rock and a Full stand up Bar.    This entire project start to finish was a result of a hands on class held at the Decorative Concrete Institute in Georgia run by Bob & Lee Ann Harris.  The CONTENTS of this course can be found here.

This course is but a piece of an over all teaching presented in the bigger course Foam Core Construction and will be added to that course after it’s initial release.



Positive Carving with Mike Vernelson Part 1

Positive Carving with Mike Vernelson Part 1

Positive carving is the most common method of sculpting rock in today's theme parks. Creating hand-carved rock to be very popular with many people who both appreciate the artwork and the beauty of the craft. Vertical Artisans has rated Mike Venelson as one of the top sculptors in his field. The CONTENT in this course is the best in this class, and Mike delivers lifelike detail to every project. This subscription gives you access to the many videos he has released on this method. This subscription doesn't include video on the epoxy methods. Epoxy is a different discipline altogether.





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